Dues are $25 for General Membership and $15 for Seniors. Dues will get you a monthly newsletter, (except for the summer months), and membership to the guild. As a member, you may rent books from our librarian, or equipment for weaving and spinning. The Guild owns an extensive collection of books, several looms, spinning wheels, and other gadgets which can be rented for a nominal fee.

You may copy and use the form below to join the guild. Love to have you.

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Please enroll me in the Fiber Arts Guild for the year ending June 30, 20__.
_____ $25.00 dues for General Membership
_____ $15.00 dues for Seniors (62+)
_____ $30.00 dues for Families

Dues are half price after January for new members only

Today's Date: ___________

Name: _______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________

Phone (2 max): ___________________________________

Email:: _______________________________________

What fiber techniques are you involved with?



What equipment and software do you use in your fiber efforts?



Please make check payable to Fiber Arts Guild and mail to:

Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild
P.O. Box 370604
Las Vegas, NV 89137